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In this history of Dol Said there are several lessons that we can take to make the scale for our attitude and practice in daily life.
The first lesson is solidarity, solidarity is the unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards. In simple societies it may be mainly based around kinship and shared values to others. Solidarity is in important because as the citizens we need to unite to prevent our own country from being colonized. We do not want that other history recurrence, so that we need to start built our spirit of unity from now.

This picture shows that we need to unity to protect our own country

The next lesson is fight for our right. Fight for our right is like we the citizen try to fight our right in our own country. For example, During the Dol Said conflict, the citizen in the Naning need to fight for their right not to betray their own hero that try to protect them from being colonized.

Freedom is we have the power to speak, act, and think as one wants. Of course in our own country we want to have our own freedom in order to develop our country in line with the global. If we are being colonized with the other country how can we develop our country? So starting from now, let us protect our country from being colonized for the second time. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


According to the consequences of Narning War, there are given big impact to Naning countries in terms of administrative, political and economic territory in Naning. But, the citizens there still knew Dol Said as the hero in Naning.
After finished the second war in February 1832 British successful combined Naning and Malacca in 4 months later. Automatically, British placed Naning in the rules of “Negeri-negeri Selat” on October 27, 1832. On the other hand, result from hapless Naning, Taboh district also conquered by British.

Map of Naning before the combined of Naning and Malacca

All the Naning citizens’ house were destroyed burned by British. Even though, British successfully vanquish Naning, but they suffered significant losses 100 000 paun sterling.

On 1832, Naning’s kingdom was finished by British after last defending their country by attacking with the Portuguese, Belanda and British. For your information their failure is not because of them but because of the foreigner and their races that stabbed their back by giving the disadvantages of Naning.     


Monday, 14 October 2013


Because of the three factors of the resistance, both parties which are British and Nanings shows their firmness by first Naning war in 1831 and second Naning war in 1832. For both war, there are different sequences and tactics that using by Dol Said Pahlawan Nanings.

First Naning war in 1831, Dol Said rebel towards British. Then, British make decision send 150 soldiers on July 15, 1831 that lead by Captain Willey to attack Naning but British failed. On the other hand, the successful of Dol Said is because of the several factors. Naning successfully defended their district from being colonial by British using itself-guerilla tactics. Besides that, Dol Said get the support from Malays allies which are includes Seri Menanti, Sungai Ujong, Johol and Muar. Dol Said also get help from relief team led by law Yamtuan Raja Muda of Syed Ali Rembau Sha'aban. From this incident, British relies that Naning hard to beat. So that, British negotiate with Yamtuan Raja Muda Ali and he agree to help British by send 600 troops to attack Naning. But unfortunately, because of Dol Said’s wisdom and efficiently in war, they won from British attack. 

British fortification during against the Naning
From history book the second Naning War was in March 1832, in this war British that was led by Kolonel Herbert with the largest troops which is 1200 to attack Naning. Unfortunately, the second war in Naning not in favor of Dol Said and his peoples because at that time Naning failed to receive the military aids from his neighbors and Rembau conspire with British to conquer Naning. Due to this war abiding, Dol Said was retreat to Sri Menanti then, he surrender to British that effectively ending the second war in Naning. 

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There are three (3) factors that make “Dol Said Pahlawan Naning” resistance:-

First resistance is Dol Said wants to defend the Naning’s independence this is because British interfering in political and administrative affairs of the state. For the proven in 1824, British and Belanda have signed an agreement that called as “Perjanjian Inggeris-Belanda” and according to the agreement Malacca was handed over to the British by Belanda. Then, British were claims that Naning was a part from Malacca so that British ordered Naning follow the rules and regulations that have been set in Malacca. From this kind of claims, of course the warriors of Naning which is Dol Said cannot acceptance it and Nanings’ residents because Naning is not a part of Malacca.
Second resistance is British forces in Nanings by using “Undang-undang British.  According from this force, British have introduced the regulations of headman that could threaten Dol Said position at that time as headman of Nanings. The enactment that has been appointed by British has blocked the headman (Dol Said) against the criminal case. But, in 1828 Dol Said has been warned by British because he resolves the criminal case in Naning. Causes from this incident, he have been threatened to stripped his position if defying the British. 

The pieces of "Undang-Undang British"

Third resistance is because of British’s Taxation policy. Dol Said was unsatisfied with the taxation policy that has been set by British. This is because through the 1830s’ law, British impel Naning to pay the taxation 1/10 from their agricultural. Then from this taxation policy British get $4500 us dollars a month from the Nanings agricultural. British daring to ask for the taxation because Naning gives to the Belanda once, however Naning explained that the provision is only sign of friendship with Belanda.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Naning Warrior : Dol Said 

The one of Malaysia warrior during British protectorate before Japan protectorate is Dol Said. Dol Said or his real name is Dato Naning Abdul Said bin Omar was born in 1773 in Naning, Alor Gajah, Melaka and from Semelenggang tribe. The centre of his administration is in Naning that produce paddy, fruits, betel and tin. In year 1799, Dol Said the ninth ruler of Naning was replaced the Chief Anjak as the Chief of Naning at the age of 26 years old. He was the one who is defiantly opposed the imposition of tax on the district by the British in Naning.

Maps of Naning 

               In the history, there are not stated the detail of place and level of education of our Malaysia warrior during British protectorate before Japan protectorate which is Dol Said. But Dol Said starts learn the martial art during 6 years old. On the other hand, he is diligently study about religion, efficient in martial art and always respects his elderly. . Until now, there are the official blog that shows the history of Naning to increase and update your knowledge about the history that had happened in Naning.

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Malaysian Flag that symbolize harmony in Malaysia

Malacca Flag that shows Naning was in the district

In this peaceful and harmony country with the multi-racial, we should appreciate our warriors who fought for the peaceful that we can enjoy until now. But, nowadays people and especially young generations already forget our Malay warriors because drift with the modernity. I’m Nurul Khairul Atiqah binti Rashidi feels like being called upon to talk about the warriors during the British protectorate before Japan protectorate which is Dol Said Pahlawan Naning and create a blog as a medium to recall back the previous history. Besides, this blog is created for Digital and Mobile Communication subject who is taught by Madam Nur Nubaillah

The objectives of the blog are:-

o   To ensure students know more about the Malaysia warrior during British protectorate before Japan protectorate so that students’ knowledge about this will be increasing.
o    To ensure students more appreciate all the Malaysian Warriors so that it can inculcate student’s attitude which is patriotism.
o       To make young generation know about what have Dol Said done in order to get the freedom from the colonial.

I hope that this blog can give a lot of information to people out there about the warriors during the British protectorate before Japan protectorate. We as an adult should know how to protect our country from the colonial. I am proud that our young generations start to appreciate warriors by re-enact back the incident. So let’s enjoy the trailer of Dol Said history doing by the students.

Trailer of Dol Said doing by students